Nominations for inclusion into the Citizens Hall of Fame are vetted through a Selection Committee. It is comprised of representatives from diverse interests including professional organizations, education institutions and service groups.

If you would like to nominate a deserving individual, please download the Nomination Form PDF. The cut off for annual nominee submissions is October 30th.

Individuals may be nominated to the Citizens Hall of Fame for their achievements in any of the following:

  1. Arts — for endeavors which enhance and support artistic/cultural life and well-being;
  2. Business — for entrepreneurial activity, including the establishment and successful operation of a business;
  3. Voluntary Service — for voluntary activities and dedication that benefit the immediate and global community;
  4. Professionals — for pursuit of a specific profession and advancement of that profession, 
  5. Public Affairs — for public service in areas such as social advocacy, environmental protection, international affairs, political action or organized labor.

Nominations to the Citizens Hall of Fame are not restricted to the fields noted above and nominees can be inducted for their accomplishments in more than one field.