When it comes to describing Ms. Shack's lengthy accomplishments and contributions, the question that comes to mind is "where do you start"?  For she is truly an amazing individual who offers her key intellect and compassion to everything she does.  Whether it be as a teacher, administrator, author or community volunteer, Sybil Shack's name has become synonymous with excellence.  Her reputation is national in scope, especially as an outstanding educator.  Ms. Shack is a pioneer in the true sense of the word - forging new paths to advance the causes she is committed to.

Her books on women in education are still quoted in most theses and in articles dealing with women and leadership.  She touched the life of many children across the province through the broadcasting programs and in her long career as teacher and principal in Winnipeg schools, she left touches of her good judgment in many policy decisions, reports, and recommendations on a variety of educational issues.  Her commitment to education, human rights, and social welfare of people has been lasting and exemplary.

There is a running thread of education awards Dr. Shack has received starting as early as 1925 when she garnered an Isbister Scholarship to enter U of M and continued to receive it the next three years.  She was the gold medal winner in education in 1945; a Fellow Canadian College of Teachers, 1959; L.L.D, University of Manitoba 1969; Quance Lectureship in Education, University of Saskatchewan, 1975; John M. Brown Award, University of Manitoba for contribution to Education in Manitoba, 1976; Canadian Teachers' Education Special Award for Contribution to Education at the provincial, national and international levels, 1982; Canadian College of Teachers, George Croskery Award for Contributions to Canadian Education, 1982; Fellow, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, 1987; and Manitoba Recipient Model Educator, Quebec City, 1989.

For all of her great contributions to the field of education and the community, Dr. Shack received the Order of Canada and the Provost Order of the Buffalo Hunt, Province of Manitoba in 1984.  She also received the Manitoba Human Rights Achievement Award in 1995.

In 1996 Ms. Shack was President of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and honorary president of the Manitoba Association for Rights and Liberties.

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