The Honourable Samuel Freedman

Chief Justice of Manitoba (1971 - 1983)

Samuel Freedman was born in Russia in 1908 and came to Canada in 1911.  He was educated in the Winnipeg school system and attended the University of Manitoba, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree, and later, the Manitoba Law School, where he was granted an L.L.B.

Dr. Freedman was a lawyer, lecturer at the law school, and a trial judge in the Court of Queen’s Bench.  He was appointed to the Court of Appeal in 1960, after having served eight years on the trial bench, and became Chief Justice of Manitoba in 1971.

He served as vice-president of the Civil Liberties Association of Manitoba, was a member of the League of Nations Society of Winnipeg, a director of the Family Bureau, a vice president of the Community Chest (now known as the United Way), a director of the Jewish Welfare Fund, and served as a member, and was president of the Manitoba Bar Association, and served on the Manitoba Council of the Canadian Bar Association.

Dr. Freedman’s concerns were not limited to Winnipeg or Manitoba or Canada, and he served as chairman of the Winnipeg branch of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs, honorary president of the University of Manitoba Students Union, chairman of the Winnipeg chapter of the Canadian Friends of Hebrew University, Chancellor of the University of Manitoba, and was the recipient of a distinguished service award from the Canadian Council of Christians and Jews.

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