Medical Research - Cardiovascular Disease

The 2000 inductee, Dr. Dhalla, is a world leader in heart research, particularly in the investigation of cardiovascular disease at the sub-cellular level.  He heads up the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences at the St. Boniface Hospital Research Centre.  Through his work and effort, Dr. Dhalla has attracted a professional team of over 100 from 30 countries to work here in Winnipeg.  He has published over 700 papers and 350 abstracts, plus authored or edited 32 books.  He has been editor-in-chief of an international journal “Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry” and serves on editorial boards of 11 other international journals.

Clearly, Dr. Dhalla is a world figure whose speaking schedule takes him around the world to cities like Tokyo or Cairo to name just a few.  He is the recipient of numerous honours including the Order of Canada, Order of the Buffalo Hunt and a special Canadian Medical Association (CMA) Medal of Honour awarded to him in recognition of his personal contributions in the advancement of medical research and education.

Dr. Dhalla has worked tirelessly to build the International Society for Heart Research.  After seventeen years as Secretary General and three years as President, he convinced his colleagues to hold their 2001 World Congress in Winnipeg.

Dr. Dhalla is proof that Winnipeg can display itself proudly on the global stage.  And in Dr. Dhalla’s case, we are talking about an area of health research that is of immense importance to literally millions of people around the world.

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