Citizens Hall of Fame About Us

Citizens Hall of Fame History

The Citizens Hall of Fame was founded and inspired by Members of the Winnipeg Regional Real Estate Board in 1986. As part of an industry closely tied to the continuing growth of Winnipeg, the association sought to recognize outstanding individual contributions to its history and development. The lack of a permanent and public facility to honour outstanding Winnipeggers led to the concept of the Citizens Hall of Fame.

With substantial commitment from the Winnipeg Regional Real Estate Board and the cooperation of former Mayor W. Norrie and the City Council, the Hall of Fame was temporarily located on the second floor of Winnipeg City Hall. It was then relocated to the Assiniboine River walk. However, problems with flooding and vandalism forced the abandonment of the location. The Citizens Hall of Fame Committee has since formalized a permanent site at Assiniboine Park.

Each inductee is honoured with a commissioned bronze bust that is displayed at the Hall of Fame. Sculptors to date include Leo Mol, Eva Stubbs, Helen Granger-Young, Miguel Joyal, Josef Randa, Madeleine Vrignon and Erin Brown. Biographical information on the inductees highlighting their achievements and contribution to the quality of life of Winnipeg accompany each bust.

At an annual civic reception honoring the new inductees to the Hall of Fame, each inductee receives a specially commissioned bronze medallion designed by Winnipeg sculptor Eva Stubbs. One face of this medallion features the Citizens Hall of Fame logo.

As the first of its kind, the Hall of Fame is a permanent memento to the pursuit and attainment of individual excellence and achievement on behalf of one's community. It is a tourist attraction, repository of local history, a source of education to the Winnipeg community and a impressive vehicle for displaying talents of local artists.

Nomination Criteria

The criteria for induction to the Citizens Hall of Fame requires that the individual must have brought recognition to Winnipeg or have made outstanding contributions to the quality of life and development of the city. The inductee’s achievements may be local, national or international in scope.

Individuals inducted to the Citizens Hall of Fame may be honoured for their achievements in any of the following fields of endeavour:

  1. Arts: for endeavours which enhance and support artistic/cultural life and well-being
  2. Business: for entrepreneurial activity, including the establishment and successful operation of a business
  3. Volunteer Service: for voluntary activities and dedication that benefit the immediate and global community
  4. Professionals: for pursuit of a specific profession and advancement of that profession
  5. Public Affairs: for public service in areas such as social advocacy, environmental protection, international affairs, political action or organized labour.

Nominations or selection to the Citizens Hall of Fame is not restricted to these fields and individuals may be inducted for their accomplishments in more than one area.

Nomination Procedure

At the beginning of each year, a campaign is commenced to solicit nominations to the Citizens Hall of Fame. Through local media, association media platforms and mailings to Winnipeg organizations, nominations are requested from any member of the public.

In addition, members of the Selection Committee of the Citizens Hall of Fame are invited to submit nominations. Upon receipt of all nominations by the deadline of November 30 of that year, all nominations are properly reviewed to include in the list of nominations for the Selection Committee.

Nominators are also allowed to show up in person or with a delegation to state their case in front of the Selection Committee as to why their nominee is deserving of the Citizens Hall of Fame Award.

The Selection Committee then chooses one individual. The Directors of the Citizens Hall of Fame have the discretion to determine the number of inductees that may be selected each year and may direct that fields of endeavour from a previous year may not be repeated in a succeeding year.

Nominees who are not inducted but are selected as the second or third choices, by the voting members of the Citizens Hall of Fame Selection Committee are automatically nominated for the following year.

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee is comprised of representatives from a cross section of professional organizations, education institutions and service groups along with the three representatives from the Winnipeg Regional Real Estate Board.

When all nominations for the Citizens Hall of Fame have been received and reviewed for proper documentation, they are distributed to the voting members. Subsequently a meeting is held to review all nominations and to develop a short list of nominees.

Voting is performed via ballots and all committee members are given a vote. Once the votes have been tallied and the inductee chosen, has a bust of the inductee is commissioned and later erected at the Citizens Hall of Fame site in Assiniboine Park. 

On the day of the induction a special ceremony is held to announce the name of the honoured individual. The inductee receives a Citizens Hall of Fame bronze medallion sculpted by local artist Eva Stubbs.

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