REALTORS® in the Community

A REALTOR® understands that giving back is essential. REALTORS® participate in community minded initiatives, donating their time and energy for events and raising funds for a diverse array of causes and charities.

These initiatives proudly fall under the umbrella of “REALTORS Care®” – a guiding principle and a brand that celebrates and unites the great philanthropic work being done by REALTORS®, real estate boards, associations and broker offices across this country.

The Winnipeg Regional Real Estate Board is proud to be a part of the following initiatives:

  • Citizens Hall of Fame — A permanent installation at Assiniboine Park celebrating the accomplishments of Winnipeg’s citizens.
  • Gimme Shelter — Our annual fundraiser dedicated to raising awareness and funds for the Manitoba Shelter Foundation.
  • Market Insights — This annual event provides illuminating and informative real estate analysis and reviews potential trends for the year.