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WREB Submission to Task Force on Education Funding

Winnipeg with its combination of three sets of property taxes – municipal, special school tax levy and education support levy – is at the top of the heap in Canada when it comes to property taxes. They are excessive to say the least and it is no joking matter when you have many Winnipeg homeowners paying monthly property tax bills equivalent to someone’s mortgage. Where is it going to stop? The status quo is no longer acceptable. Rising property taxes are not sustainable and something has to be done. We cannot stress enough how urgent a problem this is!

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The Honourable Drew Caldwell Minister of Education

One of the issues we have outlined in our 1998 civic and legislative affairs position paper was downtown revitalization and inner city redevelopment. To this end, we struck a task force last year to look at the issue of mixed-use development in the downtown with the aim to encourage more residential activity and intensification.

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Winnipeg Real Estate Board Response to City of Winnipeg’s Five Year Plan Budget Discussion Paper

Organizations like ours have often complained about the City of Winnipeg having a lack of focus or direction or a strong implementation plan to carry out a well-defined set of priorities. Hopefully, this budget consultation process will lead to a clear set of priorities for the Mayor and City Council to take Winnipeg over the next few years. The alternative of drifting in a sea of change without a rudder is not a pleasant thought.

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