Archive : 1999

WREB Presentation to the Capital Region Review Panel

As REALTORS, we are at the front-line of property owners’ concerns be they residential, business or investment ones. This is no more apparent than when an out-of-towner comes to Winnipeg with a fresh pair of eyes and starts asking questions on not only housing availability and prices but also on desirable neighbourhoods and the attributes associated with them including schooling, public safety, proximity to work and property taxes.

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Downtown Mixed-Use Development and Revitalization

In April 1999 the Winnipeg Real Estate Board established a task force to look at the issue of mixed-use development in the downtown with the aim to encourage more residential activity and intensification. When this effort was brought to the attention of Mayor Glen Murray, he encouraged the involvement of the City of Winnipeg and had David Schoor from his office work on the task force. From that point, a number of other key civic officials were contacted and they all agreed to participate.

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Presentation on Privacy

As a representative of the Winnipeg Real Estate Board, I want to commend the Manitoba Government for taking the initiative to draft a discussion paper and hold public meetings on the protection of personal information in the private sector.

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