PARC Proposal

Members of The Winnipeg Real Estate Board (WREB), as part of the real estate industry, need access to property owners’ names in order to do their job as professionals and to ensure that they are meeting their professional and contractual obligations. REALTOR members of the Board are bound not only by Rules and Regulations (including Privacy) of the Bylaws of the Board and the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) but also by a provincial licensing structure. Affiliate members of the Board with access to the Board’s MLS® / CLSTM database are professional appraisers and government agency officials bound by strict Board contractual obligations.

Members are professionals who represent the public in the sale / lease of real property and are required to ensure that their clients achieve a pricing agreement, which reflects the market norm. Evaluation of said property is paramount in the job done by a REALTOR and proper evaluation cannot be accomplished without the names of ownership being revealed to do due diligence in determining facts about the property. Another major fiduciary duty the agent owes the client is confidentiality. Therefore there is a “privacy” component built right into the business relationship.

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