Report of the Rental Housing Supply Roundtable

This advisory document is the report from the Rental Housing Supply Roundtable. In it contains proposals for the production of new rental housing in Manitoba. These proposals are the result of discussions Roundtable members engaged in beginning in June, 2011.

The purpose of this advisory document is to capture to the work of the Rental Housing Supply Roundtable which was to identify issues, solutions, and put forward proposals. From these identified issues, solutions, and proposals, further analysis is required to determine implementation specifics.

This report was prepared with a “Made in Manitoba” lens in mind. It is organized by two sections, onethat focuses on matters under the control of the Province and/or Manitoban municipalities, and a second section that outlines longer-term issues and proposals that require the engagement of the federal government.

Please download the full 24-page PDF file to read the entire advisory document.

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